MDM Projects

These are some examples of the various projects I've been working on during my studies at the MDM program.

Womp is my final project at the MDM, and is a collaborative multiplayer game for the XBox 360 where all four players have to work together to fly a single vehicle.

Precipice is the product of my second industry project, where I was Technical Director and Assistant Producer.

Glow is a game prototype I developed, where the player uses small light emitting objects to solve puzzles.

Psyndi Creative was my client for my first industry project at the MDM. I was the project manager and Flash programmer.

Suzy's Curtain Call is an interactive narrative piece. For this project I was the Flash programmer and sound engineer.

Fluxus is a multiuser chat 3D enviroment with dynamically generated effects. For this project I worked on the translation algorithm.