Precipice was the focus of my second industry project at the Centre for Digital Media, and was made in conjunction with the United States Department of Energy, Office of Intelligence, Counter Intelligence, Energy and Environmental Security Directorate. This office develops future planning scenarios based on environmental change and future security, and based on these scenarios we developed a 3D environment present day environment where the player can interact with characters and influence their decisions. These decisions are then echoed in the same space in the year 2032, so that the player can see for themselves the consequences of their actions.

My Role: I was the Technical Director for Precipice, and it was my job to integrate 3D content from the art team and construct the 3D environments using the Unity editor. I also programmed game play systems such as initiating dialog and the time travel mechanic. In addition to this, I assisted with keeping track of team milestones, task lists and bug lists.

Download (294MB) Windows and Mac.


Behind the Scenes