Psyndi Industry Project

My first industry project was for a start up company called Psyndi Creative. Our assignment was to create a pair of web based games for children aged five to eight years old, as well as develop a server loop that the games connected through.

My Role: For this project, I was the project manager as well as the main Flash programmer. In my team of five, I had the most experience in creating and designing small web games, and with my previous Flash and Actionscript experience from the first semester I was the most able to implement these ideas. Because of this, I was most suited to lead the team through our development cycles. This was a great challenge for me and my team, and not only did we complete the project on time, but we delivered a third web game in addition to the two games promised, exceeding our client’s expectations.

Click here to play Snowcone Showdown, one of the games we made for this project.