Tomo was a two semester long interdisciplinary research project, where my team and I looked at the PDA market at the time and found it sorely lacking. Over the course of the project, we did market analysis, tested a variety of physical and paper prototypes and refined our design based on the results of these tests. Due to technical limitations however, the farthest we progressed was a physical prototype made using a 3D printer and a working mockup of our custom user interface. We called it Tomo.

My Role: For both semesters, I was the leader of our team of five. I managed to keep our team cohesive and our work consistent throughout the length of the project, and provided the steady stream of status updates and associated documentation that our instructors required. Our team consisted of two IT students and three interactive arts students (myself included) and it was through this project that I learned how to overcome the difficulties in communication between team members with disparate skill sets.

A few months after we finished this project, I noticed newer model PDAs and smart phones that were coming out had many of the same features and design decisions that Tomo incorporated. Essentially, we were on the right track.