Tryptek Disconnected

Tryptek Disconnected is an interactive multi-linear graphic novel, utilizing both real world photography and video as well as machinima. After each scene, the user can change perspective and view the next scene in the sequence from another characterís perspective, gaining new information and different points of view on the shared story line. Each character has their own unique art style, helping build that characterís personality and further differentiating their unique perspectives on the world.

My Role: This project was done as a class, with approximately thirty students working together to create the one piece over the course of a semester. Being nearly entirely student driven, the class started with a call for original ideas for projects. I was on the small team of five whose proposal was accepted, and was the lead on the writing team as well as the sound design team. I was responsible for developing the story and characters, as well as recording and editing all the spoken dialog and sound effects.

Unfortunately, the project was a failure in that we did not manage to put out a finished product by the end the semester, despite efforts by myself and a few others to work on it for the first few weeks of summer. However, because of this experience I consider it the most successful learning opportunity I had to pleasure to have during my undergrad. I learned first hand the dangers of mismanaging a projectís scope, as well as team work and leadership skills that I simply would not have had otherwise.